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Tips To Maintain Your Boat

Every boat needs proper maintenance. Here are some great tips to follow to maintain your boat the way it deserves.

Give it a wash

Know to always wash your boat after an outing; especially in the saltwater. Rinse all the parts of the boat right after an outing and make sure that the boat is clear of saltwater in order to make sure that the metallic parts of the boat do not corrode and that the boat does not develop any fungus. You can use soaps or even cleaning liquids that are designed especially for cleaning boats.

Change oil

Frequency and the necessity of oil changes in boats will depend on the type of the engine and the rest of the mechanism. The inboards, four stroke outboards as well s boats that are stern drive do need frequent oil changes. However, the experts recommend that a boat engine needs an oil change after every 100 hours of activity. If you are not familiar with the process of changing oil in the boat, you can seek help from a professional mobile marine mechanic Perth.

Protect from corrosion
Make sure that the boat is protected from corrosion and that you have taken necessary steps to prevent it from corroding. You can seek help from a professional in applying protective and waterproof marine coatings. If you are planning to do it on your own you will to think twice about the professional finish of the job as well as the technique.

Do a propeller check

It is a good rule of thumb to make checking the propeller as an important bit of your routine before you launch. This is significant if you are sailing in a boat that is a stern drive or even an outboard. You can utilize a deep socket to ensure that the nut in the propeller is well secured.

Clean the propeller

You will have to remove the boat’s propeller a few times throughout the season in order to ensure that a fishing line has not been entangled in the shaft of the propeller. If that is the case, you can get your dealer to check it out rather than you doing it on your own. This can be a bit tricky since such fishing lines that has been wrapped can result in leakages in gear case as well as its service.

Check for propeller damages

Switch off the propeller and check it for any dents, nicks as well as any possible damages. It is fine if the paint of your boat’s propeller has been scraped off. However, make sure that t you send if off for repairs if there are any impacts.